Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Pregnancy Files | Week 34 | baby #2

32 1/2 weeks

Today I am 34 weeks preggo! --- I know I haven't been very diligent in taking pictures of my growing abdomen. I plan to take a new picture today. In a little while, I will head to my OB appointment where I will get an update on how my little one is doing. From what I can tell, she is...*ahem*....growing. And she seems to be very, very, very energetic. Here is the latest:

  • The average weight and length of a baby at this point is about 5 lbs and 18 inches. She may be smaller, she may be bigger, but she is somewhere along that line.
  • Her fingernails are completely formed and growing. Best make sure the fingernail clippers are within arm's reach.
  • She can recognize songs, voices, and various other sounds. How neat!

    As for me...
    • I....can't....breathe. It takes focus to take a full, deep breath.
    • Sleep is becoming an adventure. At bedtime (no matter what time of night that may be), I either cannot get comfortable or she decides she wants to play in my rib cage or turn cartwheels. I'm in for quite a wild ride...
    • Itching. Itching. Itching. Thankfully, loading up on lotion and taking cool baths help. It isn't nearly as awful as my first. But who enjoys itching with little to no relief??? Not me.
    • No swelling....yet. I'm praying it never comes, honestly.
    • No leg cramps. No new stretch marks. No varicose veins. And no heartburn. That is goooood.
    • My appetite has been strange with this pregnancy. First it was nonexistent. Then it came back with a force. Now, it's like, "Eat? Eh....okay, I guess." I haven't had a craving in.... I don't remember when. Odd.
    • I am beginning to feel Braxton Hicks contractions. That's exciting.

    That's all for now. I need to scoot off to my next appointment. I want to hear the heartbeat again!

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